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Alexa Rank is a rating service for evaluating websites, that's primarily based on the frequency of visits and the quantity of perspectives. Statistics are obtained from customers who've mounted Alexa Toolbar in their browser. The contemporary rating of a particular net resource is determined by way of the ratio of attendance of this site to others. The lower the indicator – the better the popularity of the website online.

Now you may absolutely recognize why do you want Alexa rank checker. Firstly, it's miles a exquisite device which gives you with records you may use for competitors evaluation. It is straightforward to find out what amount of users go to website monthly clearly unfastened. One click and you'll have all the wished data about your internet site. But what’s more?

    1. Your website analysis. It is nothing greater critical for the internet site proprietor than knowing how an awful lot users visit their website daily. Not to lose reputation, you can monitor Alexa web ranking of your websites’ progress.
    2. Competitors analysis. It is a excellent danger to examine your internet site and your competitors Alexa rank. You can categorize websites by means of “Global”, “Country,” and “Category” parameters. Also, you could use a similar site search to locate your competitors by same parameters.
   3.  Traffic analysis. You will discover without problems from what countries your internet site gets the biggest percentage of customers. Also, it is an additional opportunity to test your competition and admit new visitors resources for your internet site.